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Shop District Guide

The Shop District can be overwhelming if you don't know how to navigate it. Use this page to see what's being sold and where to get it!


Sells enchanted books, Enchanted armor, Iron blocks, Bookshelves, Wool, Netherwart, Lanterns, Golden carrots, Arrows, Gunpowder, Blaze rods, Warped and Crimson Stem, Rockets, Polished Andesite, Diorite, & Granite, Bricks, Quartz, Dripstone. Also has free anvils for enchanting.


(2nd floor of The Cookie Jar) : Sells all overworld log types and leaves, Cactus, Ferns, Vines, Tall Grass, Leather, Books and quills, and Dirt & Grass.

Enders & Elixirs

Sells potions and Ender chests.

The Sticky Piston

Sells all redstone components.

Crystal Clear Glass

Sells Glass and Tinted Glass.

Black Market Beacons

(5th floor of Posiden's Place) : Sells Beacons, Beacon Kits, Wither Roses, and Wither Heads.

Buzzing Bee

Sells all the types of flowers.

Imperial Goods

Sells enchanted crossbows, Netherite, Gunpowder, Glowstone powder, End rods, and Amethyst shards.


Sells enchanted elytras, Enchanted diamond armor & tools, and Shulker boxes.

Poseidon’s Place

Sells all prismarine blocks, Raw cod, and Ink sacs.

Abbey’s Nether Emporium

Sells Fire Resistance potions, Spectral Arrows, Quartz, Blaze rods, Ancient debris, String, Leather, Blackstone, Soul speed books, Fire charges, Soul sand, Nether bricks, Gravel, Obsidian, Crying obsidian, and Music discs.

The Dairy Shop

Sells String, Gunpowder, Quartz, and Gold.

The Fish Bowl

Sells all types of Coral, the Regular, Blocks, and Fans, in every color. Also sells Sea Pickles, Sea Grass, and Kelp. Also stocked is all colors of Axolotls (even blue), and Sand and Gravel.

The Drip

Sells overpriced Hypebeast Merch and cheap Enchanted Diamond Armor.

The Cookie Jar

Sells all the popular food items.

Discount Diamonds

Sells Unenchanted diamond armor and tools, all 1 Diamond each.

Exotic Building Supply

Sells Sand, All sandstone types, Red sand, and All red sandstone types, Quartz and Smooth Quarzt, Blackstone and Polished Blackstone, Regular and Red Nether Bricks, Bricks, Clay, Mud, Packed Mud, and Mud Bricks.

Guppy’s Wool World

Sells all colors of wool.

Krusty Krow's Tridents

Sells enchanted tridents.

Map Art Shop

(Located on the second floor above Buzz) This shop sells a variety of custom map arts.


Sells bulk Stone, Smooth Stone, Cobblestone, Oak Logs, Obsidian, and has a free-to-use smelter.

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