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1. No cheats or exploits. 

  • Duping is not allowed. Using X-Ray in any way whether a mod, texture pack, in-game exploit etc. is not allowed. Algorithm exploitation is not allowed. Optifine, minimaps, and Litematica like mods are allowed. Ask an Admin if you are unsure if a mod is allowed or not. Use of some contraption to defeat the AFK kick timer, or use of a mod to automatically log you in after being kicked is not allowed.

2. No griefing. 

  • Damaging any builds that are not yours is considered griefing. Not fixing creeper holes in others peoples builds or spawn is considered griefing. Even if a build is abandoned/the member has left/was banned, you are not allowed to damage their builds or take from their builds. If a prank takes considerable effort to clean up, it is considered griefing.

3. Don’t go to people's builds without permission.

  • Do not go to someone's base without them being online unless you have permission from the base owner. Do not use someone's farm without permission from the farm owner. If someone asks you to leave their build, you must leave.

4. No stealing. 

  • Taking anything without payment from a shop, or without permission from whomever the items belong to is stealing. Even if a build is abandoned/the member has left/was banned, you are not allowed to damage their builds or take from their builds.

5. No PvP without consent from all parties involved. 

  • Feel free to have a fight club with your friends as long as everyone wants to. Please do not go around just attacking people.

6. No spamming in chat or loud/obnoxious noise in VC.

  • No pinging roles excessively. Spam is up to the discretion of an Admin.

7. Please build things in good taste and put effort into your builds.

  • It's ok if you aren’t the best at building, just don’t build a dirt hut next to spawn or a lavacast next to someone's base. 

8. No lagging or crashing the server.

  • Intentionally or not, causing extra strain on the server is not allowed. If you are AFK and the server is suffering due to many players being on, you will be kicked to help stabilize the server.

9. No sexual/NSFW content.

  • While the server is 18+, sexual and NSFW content is not allowed on the server. This includes images and messages. This also includes excessive PDA between couples.

10. Please only use English on the discord and server.

  • English is the primary language on the server so please only use it so everyone can understand.

11. Your Discord username/nickname must be your Minecraft Username or be similar.

  • If you have permissions to change your nickname in-game or on the server, the name still must be similar to your original MC username.

12. Just be nice.

  • Treat everyone with basic respect. Please do not start drama. If you have an issue with someone else, contact an Admin. Do not post any offensive content. Use of slurs and other derogatory language will not be tolerated, no matter the context. If you repeatedly cause issues with other members you may be banned. Any form of ban evasion is not allowed.

13. All builds in the Nether Highway and Spawn/Shop District must be spawn proofed.

  • This is to avoid mobs spawning and causing damage to builds. If you need help spawn-proofing, open a ticket. All shops must also have an Ender Chest in it. Farms on the roof must be at least 1000 blocks from spawn (0, 0).

14. Build far enough away from Spawn and other members.

  • Do not build non-shop builds within 500 blocks of spawn or your build will be deleted. Do not build within viewing distance of another person without permission from whoever was there first. Be sure to check Dynmap to make sure you are far enough away.  Farms on the roof must be at least 1000 blocks from spawn (0, 0).

15. Nothing on the server is 100% private.

  • While Admins will not go out of their way to stalk members' actions, everything is logged so be safe with what you do and say on the Discord and Server.


All rules are subject to change without warning and up to the discretion of an Admin.

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