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The Emerald City Tower

The Emerald City Tower, a raid farm built by server members Jelliphish and Crow. The farm is not just a raid farm but also a Hero of the village farm. The original design was created by Raysworks and the duo followed a tutorial by Puffingfish.

Unfortunately, it wasn't all happy and easy for them to just follow along. They encountered their most frustrating part of the farm once it was completely finished and it simply didn't work as they intended. They were disappointed at the amount of wasted time and resources that went into the project. They tried looking for answers and joined the discord servers of the creator and tutorial maker where they realized the problem was understood but was without a solution. In the end, the duo came up with a fix for the timing issue and informed the respective servers on the potential fixes. Raysworks also thanked Jelliphish for helping him understand his farm better. All the stress and hard work finally led to the most satisfying and fun part of the build for the duo, which was getting the farm to work properly and then getting their first shulker box of emerald blocks.

Currently, the farm works as a hero of the village farm by taking advantage of the villager mechanics where they throw specific items at the player as gifts once they receive the hero of the village effect. They plan to expand on this by bringing in some extra cleric villagers to produce lapis and redstone alongside everything else. By default, the farm produces glowstone dust, sugar, sticks, totems of undying, redstone, gunpowder and lots of emeralds by simulating raids. The farm took the duo about 3 weeks to finish, including a week of troubleshooting. The reason for the farm? Well, you'd think it would be to generate a large amount of resources. However, that's not quite the case. It is simply a means for the duo to challenge each other to build big efficient farms. They also liked the look of an emerald beacon and it further motivated them to take on this massive task. The next project that the duo wants to work on is a shulker farm or a complicated build along the same difficulty. Their only hurdle right now is their unfinished base.

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